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I have been receiving relaxation massages from Donna Chen since August 2005. She always asks about any “problem areas” I am aware of, and she has an uncanny knack of finding sore spots I didn’t know I had. The style she most often uses with me is Swedish massage, but she also does some cranial manipulation and some foot reflexology. If you have sore knees, be sure to ask for the “knee massage”. It feels so wonderful! If your hands hold stress from constant computer work, for instance, she also has great techniques for the hands. I have yet to try the hot stone massage, but I know it is available. Donna’s massage studio is a relaxing oasis filled with candles and soft music. She dedicates all her energies to you for the time you are there. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better physically and emotionally. As her slogan says, she’ll tailor a “massage fit for you”. -- T.S., Newark, DE, 8/9/07

I don't know what I would do without A Massage For Fitness.  Donna is the best at what she does and her work definitely shows in her practice along with her extensive expertise and professional education.  My body suffers from severe stress and muscle tightness due to the extreme physical movement as a model and a professional dancer.  Since I have been working with Donna, I am able to concentrate and focus better on a daily basis, my stress level has decreased, and my body aches have diminished.  Not only is Donna professional, she is very relaxed and personable.  The best part is the flexibility of scheduling.  Donna will work with you at primarily any time and any day!  I continue to see Donna on a bi-weekly basis and recommend her practice to anyone who is in need of relaxation, stress management or sports therapy! -- M.T., Newark, DE, 9/28/07 

Hi Donna:  I want to thank you for the incredible massage yesterday.  I was in a daze when I left your house and didn't say much.  So often I don't feel good -- physically and mentally.  I just feel like my body is heavy and "stuffed."  Yesterday after the massage I felt incredible -- light, released, clear-minded.  Just amazing.  I can't think of any other adjectives to describe it.  I feel calmer and my mind is still.  I can't wait to make another appointment.  I don't want to lose this peacefulness.  Thanks,  D.J., Newark, DE, 11/25/07

I have been going to Donna for massage for several years now and highly recommend her services. Her strong, skilled hands have untied my knots and brought me to a state of deep relaxation and serenity. I can feel the stress and toxins dissipate from my body from the moment she begins her work. Thank you, Donna! -- A.D., Newark, DE, 8/13/08

Wonderful service, excellent care:  A Massage For Fitness offered me the best care I could find in the area.  After trying two other businesses, I found that this one was the perfect fit for my budget and health needs.  Highly recommended, great, friendly, experienced staff. -- B.C., Newark, DE, 12/1/08

My schedule is difficult and I often find myself in last minute situations, therefore my short notice request to you yesterday.  If you are free great, if it doesn’t work there is always next time…I appreciate when you are able to accommodate.  I enjoy the energy reciprocation during your massage.  You transfer a great deal of energy through your mind and hands during the sessions.  The mental relaxation and the physical rejuvenation is intense. -- R.B., Lincoln University, PA, 3/25/09

Hi Donna - I was one of the thousands of people you massaged last Sunday [for the Delaware Marathon at the Wilmington Riverfront].  I wanted to take a moment to thank you.  When I came to your table early in the day, I complained that my low back hurt and I wasn't able to run that day because of it.  I asked you a lot of questions about DE licensing and working events, but didn't tell you that I also am a massage therapist...After you worked on me, for the first time in 3 days, I felt much better.  After I got out of the cold and into a hot shower, I was comfortable and with almost full ROM.  Just wanted you to know.  Thanks!! -- B.K., LMT, Paoli, PA, 5/21/09

Hi Donna - I slept better last night than any other night since this accident.  I only woke up once.  Before, I was waking up every 2-3 hours...Thanks! -- M.K., Wilmington, DE, 6/15/10

I have been a client of Donna Chen at A Massage For Fitness for close to 10 years. Donna is knowledgeable, attentive, and sensitive to individual needs, and has created an inviting and restful environment for her practice. I participate in several sports, so I make demands on my muscles that often lead to tightness and knots. Donna can find even the most obscure sources of distress and release any knots or tension. Donna is always professional but also warm and personable, with a great sense of humor. Since I have known Donna I have not considered any other massage therapist. -- A.D., Wilmington, DE, 6/24/12

Donna Chen gave me a fantabulous massage and helped work out the muscles that were causing the intense pain. -- R.B., Newark, DE, 4/14/13

My massage was awesome.  Donna really worked my trouble areas. -- J.F., Bear, DE, 5/19/13